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Possibly the best stevia leaf in Europe. This is the only . Stevia 100% Natural Liquid Sweetener based on Spanish Stevia Extract.

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BIO Tea, Aromatics and Special Infusions

Great selection of BIO teas,, Aromatics BIO Specials BIO of market. Among which you can find a great variety.

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Packaging Services

With Stevia del Condado you can now create YOUR OWN range of tea, aromatic plants, spices, dressings kitchen or other material, with your brand.

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We want the best for our customers.

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Why Choose Us?

The reasons for us to be inseparable.


We are Ecological

production, packaging and distribution in an ecological regime. certified by CAAE, operator number: 26732.


We are Naturals

All the ingredients, products and packaging, are chosen for their environmental safety.


We are healthy

Our products contain no chemical additives of any kind. We have a goal of providing a totally healthy product.

You know what we say about us.

Now that our customers tell them.

Francisco Ruiz “Pakorro”

Just you reach me wearing a treasure waiting time,,es,but like all good things are worth waiting for,,es,Amazing what you have achieved Stevia County,,es,dejais not surprising,,es,Francisco Ruiz,,es,Pakorro,,eu, pero como todo lo bueno se hace esperar.... increíble lo que habéis conseguido Stevia del Condado... no dejais de sorprendernos.

Triathlete. Navas de San Juan


Triathlete. Navas de San Juan

Álex Yáñez

Stevia that I use,,es,no rare ingredients,,es,Stevia and that's,,es,highly recommended as it honestly is the best I know,,es,And on top is Jaén,,es,If we help Spanish businesses better,,es,It is very suitable,,es,Álex Yáñez,,es, without rare ingredients. Stevia y ya está, highly recommended as it is truly the best I know. And it's also from Jaén. That if we help Spanish businesses better. Is very fit!

Orthomolecular Nutritionist


Orthomolecular Nutritionist

Pedro Molino

Congratulations, friends of Stevia del Condado! Yesterday the members of PROA that knew us were still enthusiastic about your agrifood business project ..,,es,,,en. for sweet and for ecological, for your drive and your talent.

PROA President


PROA President


Es un producto saludable, without glucose, saccharose, aspartamo, eritritol. Does not contain gluten so it is perfectly Suitable for celiacs, by their properties also can and should be consumed by diabetics.

Specialty Food Store


Specialty Food Store

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